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  • The research group CAMMA (Computational Analysis and Modeling of Medical Activities) aims at developing new tools and methods to perceive, model and analyze clinician and staff activities in the operating room (OR). We are part of the research team AVR (Automatics, Vision and Robotics) in the ICube institute at the University of Strasbourg. We are located on the campus of Strasbourg’s University Hospital and collaborate closely with the IHU MixSurg institute, the IRCAD institute and the Hospital’s Interventional Radiology Department. CAMMA is supported by the Chair of Excellence of Dr. Nicolas Padoy, by the laboratory of excellence CAMI, by the IdEx Unistra and by the IHU MixSurg Institute.


    Latest News:

    • (Open positions) Open PhD positions in computer vision/deep learning/artificial intelligence for data analytics in the operating room: please contact Nicolas Padoy with CV, motivation letter and academic transcripts if interested
    • (Open positions) We are also looking for MSc interns as well as post-doctoral fellows and research engineers in computer vision/deep learning to develop and bring our prototypes into the operating room
    • [2017/11/29] Two presentations accepted at ECR 2018
    • [2017/08/15] One manuscript accepted by Nature Biomedical Engineering
    • [2017/05/16] One paper accepted at MICCAI 2017
    • [2017/04/27] Demonstration videos of XAware-Live and Surgflow-Live
    • [2017/04/13] The program of IPCAI 2017 is now online
    • [2017/01/27] Congratulations to Andru, who successfully defended his PhD thesis!
    • [2017/01/19] The Cholec80 endoscopic video dataset has been released!
    • [2017/01/15] One paper accepted at ICRA 2017
    • [2016/12/20] One paper accepted at WACV 2017
    • [2016/12/01] Congratulations to Rahim, who successfully defended his PhD thesis!
    • [2016/10/28] The endoscopic video datasets used in the M2CAI challenges have been released!
    • [2016/09/08] Deep Learning student seminar
    • [2016/07/22] ANR JCJC grant awarded to Nicolas Padoy by the French national research agency
    • [2016/07/15] One paper accepted by IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging
    • [2016/07/01] One paper accepted by Elsevier Medical Image Analysis
    • [2016/07/01] The website for IPCAI 2017 is up!
    • [2016/04/19] One paper accepted by IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
    • [2016/03/28] M2CAI 2016 is up: check out the challenges!
    • [2015/12/03] Nicolas Padoy is awarded the Guy Ourisson prize by the Cercle Gutenberg
    • [2015/06/30] Talk by Dr. Slobodan Ilic on ‘Random Forest Tracking and Detection of 3D Objects in Depth Images’
    • [2015/06/29] Talk by Dr. Vincent Lepetit on ‘Detecting Neurons, Blood Vessels, and Cells with Machine Learning’
    • [2015/05/20] Two papers accepted at MICCAI 2015
    • [2015/03/18] Two papers accepted at IJCARS
    • [2015/01/12] One paper accepted at IJCARS & IPCAI 2015
    • [2014/09/09] One paper accepted at 3DV 2014
    • [2014/05/21] Two papers accepted at MICCAI 2014
    • [2014/02/17] Talk by Dr. Razvan Ionasec on ‘Heart Valve Modeling and Therapy’
    • [2014/01/16] Two papers accepted at IPCAI 2014