Our finalized full-day program is available here.

Check out the results for workflow challenge and tool presence detection challenge

The datasets for both challenges are available for download now. To get access to the datasets, please fill the request forms for: m2cai16-workflow and m2cai16-tool datsets.

The Cholec80 dataset is now available for download. For more info, please visit the official web page of CAMMA.


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M2CAI is a well-established international forum for discussing advanced methods for the acquisition, analysis, modeling, and monitoring of surgical/interventional processes. It focuses on developing a new generation of a context-aware computer-assisted interventional systems that will monitor the surgical workflow during real procedures or training sessions. This year, M2CAI will be held in Athens as a satellite event of MICCAI.

We have reshaped the seventh edition of the event by introducing two challenges with the objective to mobilize the community around two central topics promoted by M2CAI in the past years: surgical phase recognition and surgical tool detection. More details regarding the challenges can be found here.

During the workshop, clinicians, researchers, and medical companies will gather to brainstorm issues and solutions for the acquisition, analysis, modeling, and monitoring of computer assisted interventions. More details regarding the topics of the workshop can be found here.

To appreciate the efforts of the participants in tackling these challenging problems, several awards will be presented in both the workshop and the challenges. These awards are sponsored by Labex CAMI and IHU Strasbourg.